Assignment 3b: How to Read a Book

Every so often, you will find yourself in the midst of an indescribable mood. A feeling so familiar yet foreign that you cannot quite put your proverbial finger on it… Then your eyes happen to skim over the copious book shelves in your room, and you just know.

You want to read a book.

I know, it’s been a while since you’ve read anything for fun, you might have forgotten how to decipher meaning from an arrangement of letters and words, but worry not— for your troubles will soon be over! Here is how-to read!

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Assignment 2c: How to Make Your Friends Like Something.

Every once in a while you will come across something so wonderful and perfect you need to talk about it, but no one you know likes or even knows about it!

The solution is simple. So very simple!

All you have to do is make one of your friends like it so you will have someone to talk to about it! Here is how to make your friends like something!

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Assignment 1c: How to Write a Last Minute Essay.

You are minding your own business, scrolling down the feed on Facebook, judging all the people you used to go to school with, when suddenly, you get a message. It’s your friend from class, asking how far into your essay you are. Essay? What essay? The only essay you have due is in a few days—you have plenty of time to write that, why are they asking you about it today?

Except no, you realize. It’s not due in a couple of days, it’s due in less than 24 hours! You forgot about the paper you have to finish and hand in at the beginning of class and you are completely and utterly screwed. You don’t have the hope of a prayer.

Well, you’re in luck because here is a handy how-to on writing a last-minute essay!

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