Assignment 6c: How to Get Over the Harry Potter Series.

It was your childhood. You devoted so much time to waiting for the next installment, whether that is a book or film. You really can’t believe that it’s over.

But I am sorry to say that it is.

It will be a difficult process, but you have to persevere. Here is how to get over Harry Potter.

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How to Get Over Writers Block

Sometimes, you will have absolutely nothing to write about.


Zip, nada, zilch. Your mind will be as blank as the paper in front of you. You have a deadline that is creeping up and your fingers just won’t write. It’s okay, don’t panic.

Here is how-to get over writers block.

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Assignment 4b: How to Decide if Something is Worth Buying

Assignment 4a: How to Decide if Something is Worth Buying

Occasionally, you’ll have to play a small-scale lottery with yourself where you are either the winner or loser.

Too often have you gotten something (book, TV show, CD, movie etc.) thinking that it would be amazing because the premise sounded amazing. You bought it and too late discovered that it is so completely horrible you want to invent a time machine to go back and slap yourself for even considering getting it, you impulsive idiot.

However, unlike the actual lottery, you have a choice. You have the ability to pre-emptively discover whether there is any chance of you actually liking that particular something.

Here is how to decide if something is worth buying.

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