Cathy Terefenko

Podcast Series: Welcome to Night Vale
Episode: 35-Lazy Day

“Welcome to Night Vale” is a 25-30 minute podcast, set in the fictional town of Night Vale. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin, the towns eccentric, queer local radio show host, the podcast explores the happenings about town. The episodes usually focus around one or two odd happenings about town—whether it is the sheriff’s secret police looking for a missing child warrior or the suspicious glow cloud returning.
Episode 35, “Lazy Day” focuses on the town falling into a lackadaisical slump, what happens to the children who escaped the Library Summer Reading Program Massacre and a totally safe and not at all dangerous new cereal being produced by John Peters, you know, the farmer.
This episodes “weather” song is “Mijn Manier” by Brainpower. Are they long? Yes. If you stop paying attention for a moment, will you be completely lost? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes.


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