Podcast 1: Tropes That Need To Die

Trope That Need To Die

By: Cathy Terefenko

[0:00]: Introduction

[0:17]: “Alpha Bitch”

[1:18]: “Everyone Gets A Love Interest”

[2:05]: “Oblivious Parents”

[2:50]: “Adult Who Knows Everything”

[3:40]: “Love Triangles”

[4:40]: Sign Off



Image citation:

Twilightguide. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Mar. 2014.


4 comments on “Podcast 1: Tropes That Need To Die

  1. pearlmaguire says:

    I like the fact that in the introduction you show the listener that you’re interested in the topic. This shows me as a reader that since you’re interested, I should be interested as well.
    Something that caught my attention was the fact that you mentioned the stereotypical romance and how it is just an easy way out of writing a story line. I have always thought of this while reading books or watching movies and it has upset me. I liked that you brought this up because it made me feel like I had the same beliefs as you and therefore kept listening.
    Also, with the team Edward and team Jacob thing… I worked at block buster at the time and we would have contests with customers to see what team would win. Really this happened…. there was voting and everything. We also had draws to see who would get to take home the cardboard Edward cut out. It made me sick.
    Overall, I found your podcast very relatable and I will tune in to listen to the next episode.

  2. itscaroline says:

    I really like your podcast topic, especially this episode. It’s very interesting, witty, and so true. I felt that you used a lot of ‘critical’ thinking when giving insight on each trope and their implications on audiences. You showed your personality, kept it very genuine by explaining everything in your own words, and had some witty remarks.

    The main thing that stood out to me was your personality throughout this episode. Your voice was confident, and that made everything much more powerful. Instead of being somewhat passive, I was very active in learning about what you had to say, digesting each point you made.

    Overall, recording quality was good, and editing was well done. I could tell that some parts were recorded at different times, so you put everything together well.

  3. ridabook says:

    Awesome job Cathy! I loved the 5 tropes that you discussed in your podcast. Right away I noticed that they were well researched and that you know what you were talking about, especially since you use terminology specific to each one. Your opinion really shines through in your voice and I found myself agreeing often with each of your points such as the one about the old men that keep secrets from the hero such as Dumbledore. I really hate that trope too! You’re also consistent with how you present each trope with a definition of what it is followed by your opinion. As a listener I appreciated that this made it easier to differentiate and keep track of everything you were talking about. One thing I would be careful of though is that you don’t give examples for each trope. I noticed in the beginning that you didn’t have examples, but you did at the end. So while through most of it I would be thinking about my own examples of what you mentioned, suddenly they were already there. Just to keep it consistent, I would either include an example for everything even if it’s mentioned in passing, or not give examples at all and let the listener come up with some of their own. However, I found myself agreeing a lot more vehemently when there was an example such as the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob!

    Overall, amazing job and I can’t wait to hear the next one! 😀

  4. manigabbles says:

    Hey Cathy,

    I really enjoyed this podcast, particularly because I’ve given this topic some thought lately and credit this as the reason I watch fewer movies these days.

    I think tropes and stereotypes are an example of lazy writing on the part of the author as well, rather than an easy way to relate to the audience. I love the type-casts that you explore in the podcast as they are easily visible in so many mediums.

    I also particularly enjoyed the use of humour despite taking a documentary-style approach, such as the quip about characters returning on soap operas and such.

    I was hoping you’d have a throw to the next episode such that the listeners might know what to expect going forward.

    All in all, Keep up the great work and thanks for commenting on my podcast!


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