Associating Sound with Word

I never really thought of myself as an auditory learner, but I have found that listening to someone read something aloud in addition to reading it yourself does reinforce learning. Personally, when I listen to someone speak, I listen to their pronunciation. So much so that I occasionally get distracted by how they pronounce certain words, like ee-ther or eye-ther, or sup-oh-seb-ly or sub-pose-ed-ly.

There was a group of children that I used to watch and every week we would since a popular song to get our energy up for the upcoming physical sport but also as a sitting activity right after snack time. I found that it helped some of the younger children(who could not yet read themselves) sing along if before playing the music, we took the time to say all the lyrics without any instruments playing.  The music was a crutch for some of the younger children who knew that the word sounded similar to (so they would mumble something that seemed like it) and just wait for the chorus to repeat itself. However, once we started to show the younger kids how to pronounce the words, they were more likely to sing along to the whole thing because they knew what the singer was saying, and not just the general idea of how the word sounded along to the music. That being said, some of the older kids had trouble disassociating the words from the music and would occasionally slip into singing the words instead of saying them.




Cathy Terefenko

Podcast Series: Welcome to Night Vale
Episode: 35-Lazy Day

“Welcome to Night Vale” is a 25-30 minute podcast, set in the fictional town of Night Vale. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin, the towns eccentric, queer local radio show host, the podcast explores the happenings about town. The episodes usually focus around one or two odd happenings about town—whether it is the sheriff’s secret police looking for a missing child warrior or the suspicious glow cloud returning.
Episode 35, “Lazy Day” focuses on the town falling into a lackadaisical slump, what happens to the children who escaped the Library Summer Reading Program Massacre and a totally safe and not at all dangerous new cereal being produced by John Peters, you know, the farmer.
This episodes “weather” song is “Mijn Manier” by Brainpower. Are they long? Yes. If you stop paying attention for a moment, will you be completely lost? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes.

Assignment 4b: How to Decide if Something is Worth Buying

Assignment 4a: How to Decide if Something is Worth Buying

Occasionally, you’ll have to play a small-scale lottery with yourself where you are either the winner or loser.

Too often have you gotten something (book, TV show, CD, movie etc.) thinking that it would be amazing because the premise sounded amazing. You bought it and too late discovered that it is so completely horrible you want to invent a time machine to go back and slap yourself for even considering getting it, you impulsive idiot.

However, unlike the actual lottery, you have a choice. You have the ability to pre-emptively discover whether there is any chance of you actually liking that particular something.

Here is how to decide if something is worth buying.

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Assignment 3b: How to Read a Book

Every so often, you will find yourself in the midst of an indescribable mood. A feeling so familiar yet foreign that you cannot quite put your proverbial finger on it… Then your eyes happen to skim over the copious book shelves in your room, and you just know.

You want to read a book.

I know, it’s been a while since you’ve read anything for fun, you might have forgotten how to decipher meaning from an arrangement of letters and words, but worry not— for your troubles will soon be over! Here is how-to read!

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Assignment 2c: How to Make Your Friends Like Something.

Every once in a while you will come across something so wonderful and perfect you need to talk about it, but no one you know likes or even knows about it!

The solution is simple. So very simple!

All you have to do is make one of your friends like it so you will have someone to talk to about it! Here is how to make your friends like something!

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