The Interview Process

Planning the interview with Rida was complicated in the beginning because aside from class, we have conflicting schedules. When we finally managed to sit down and interview one another, we only had a vague sense of what the other person wanted to focus their podcasts on. We did the interview at my home, and had a few attempts at the actual interview because the house phone kept ringing.


The interviewing aspect became harder the more takes we did because we would unknowingly answer a question the interviewer had before they could ask it, which left for some silences while they tried to skip over the discussed aspects and find the new talking point further on the list. The transcribing as easy, but tedious. I put the audio on half-speed to I could type as I listened to the edited audio. Editing the audio was also easy, but a new experience for me since I have never edited sound before. I found myself listening to idiosyncrasies in Rida’s and my own speech that I had never notices before, like long pauses in between words or filler phrases like “um” or “uh.”


Posting my interview online was by far the most difficult aspect of this assignment for me because, at first, wordpress wouldn’t let me upload it because it was .30mb over their limit and it would not let me embed it from soundcloud. Luckily, Rida talked me through it and I was able to embed it on both my blog and the class wiki.